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What is Windows Core OS?

Everything you need to know about Windows Core OS

Microsoft is one of the big 5 tech companies around the globe. It is a well-renowned corporation that keeps on upgrading its software for a better user experience. This article will explain to you everything you need to know about the Windows Core OS.

What is the Windows Core OS?

Windows Core OS is known as the future of Windows. The new Windows Core OS is built on a legacy with all types of modern features. It is a new operating software by Microsoft which aims at the modular layout and a more practical yet simplified version according to today’s modern times. With the help of Microsoft Core OS, Microsoft is building a universal base that can be used across all types of devices. The company does not even have to make different versions of Windows 10, the users can simply make use of Windows Core OS to start.

Essentially, Windows Core OS is a modular platform. Any feature that is build specifically for Microsoft can be used for and applied to Windows Core OS easily. One of the biggest selling points of Windows Core OS is that people who are working Windows it takes much less time and resources to build unique Window experiences when required. Therefore, it is a combination of modern technology and innovation.

Components of Windows Core OS

Windows Core OS strips Windows down to bare minimum. The whole system is stripped down to the basic essentials and elements. This is why it is called Windows ‘Core OS’. Microsoft will never leave CShell behind. CShell also known as Composable Shell which is the other half of this universal phenomenon of Windows Core OS. It allows Microsoft to build shell experience that can be shared across different devices.

As a result of CShell the appearance of Microsoft’s device changes rapidly and therefore, CShell will be just as vital in the making of Windows Core OS. Another important component of Windows Core OS is Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It is one of the best tools which is used to create applications and help in shaping the important features of the new system. Therefore, CShell, UWP, and OneCore are the main components of the Windows Core OS. The all new Windows Core OS can be an all time game changer for Microsoft’s productivity and value.

Importance of All-New Windows Core OS

Windows Core OS has come out with the purpose of eliminating all the problems in order to enhance user experience and provide them with the best experience ever. The same controls you find on all Microsoft devices, you will find them on Windows Core OS as well. With Windows Core OS, Microsoft is shipping two devices: HoloLens 2 and Surface Neo.

Windows Core OS can also run on XBox and PC. You computer swtiches to XBox mode as soon as the XBox controller is connected. Moreover, it allows users to work normal while the device is updating in the background.

It, however, doesn’t ship with any of the Win32 programs which one can easily find on Windows 10 now a days. Much of them will be made available as optional features and these features can be enabled from either Settings or can be downloaded from the Microsoft store.


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