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Why Choose Only Safe Converters For YouTube Videos To MP3 Files

There are many video – sharing sites available on the internet, but nothing stands shoulder to shoulder with YouTube. Even music lovers who are not much into visuals, prefer YouTube because it has more content than any other video sharing site. However, the people who are more in music are always on a lookout for a way to download and convert the YouTube videos to MP3 and youtube to mp4 files for their listening pleasure. However, it should all be done in a manner that doesn’t disturb the safety of the device or steals personal data of the user through malicious malware.

The fact that many people just want to download the audio files from YouTube gets them to programs such as Airy and similar; makes the need of music lovers clear. Since YouTube doesn’t have a way to allow the downloading of files; music files to be specific. There are primarily two ways to achieve this goal now. First is the online websites, which help in converting and downloading the video to audio files. Second are the program or software that can be installed for bigger volume of downloads and conversion.


Online Options

This is most suited for people who do not like to install free software or any program for such matters, but prefer online options that saves them space on their device. It is also meant for people who like to try new converter websites than different software and disturb the integrity of their device OS.


YTMP3.CC Converter Website

No extras, no excessive options, no confusions! This may be the motto of YTMP3.CC converter website, because it doesn’t have “everything” or “a lot of things”. However, it does the work of converting the video files to MP3 quickly or MP4 easily, without disturbing the ongoing display or sound of the video playing on the foreground. A much preferred website by people, who don’t like “a lot of things” but like being minimalistic.


Y2Mate Converter Website

It also lets the user have the option of saving the converted video file into MP3 or much vibrant MP4 file. Even though it is known to have less features in comparison to other converter websites, but it is deemed extremely convenient to use. With just few keywords or video URL the chosen video can be downloaded and converted into desired type of audio file. However, the Android device users can’t benefit from this website as it doesn’t work well for them.


Software Options

People who have space on their device and want to use a dedicated APP or software can make the most of these two mentioned below.


ClipGrab Software

Simplicity at its core, without overly saturated features, this software does the fundamentals. A user just has to disable the bundle installation for Opera browser before using this software and there will be no hassles ever. This little converter can neatly do the job by just having the URL of YouTube video copied on clipboard and confirming the downloading. The second option is to paste the same URL on the downloading/converting field and confirm the type of audio file to MP3. Now clicking on the “Grab this clip” button will convert and download.


Any Video Software

This free software can do much more than just converting and downloading the YouTube video file. It is loaded with many options that makes it unbelievable that a free converter software can do so much. Downloading of video files from video –sharing websites and social media websites is easier with this software.



There are many options available to download music files from YouTube by converting them to MP3 or a good MP4 files. However, finalizing what will best suit your need is unto you. You have to decide what features you want, what volume of music files you will download every day and so on. But be careful to not compromise on the safety of your device and existing data.

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