Best Games Like Victoria 3 2023

Victoria 3 is a well-known strategy wargame that has captured the interest of many players worldwide. Although the game’s PC version is still available, mobile platforms are becoming increasingly popular. The designers of games for Android and iOS decided to make analogs that are on par with the well-known version for this reason.

Some even have more engaging plots and intricate graphics, appealing to die-hard players. Try one or more of these top Victoria 3 alternatives for Android & iOS to get your own opinion.

Best Games Like Victoria 3

1: Seen

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Seen, a fantastic conversation-based game that will keep you interested for as long as you play it, is the first item on the list. It significantly depends on your decisions regarding the new love interests you are paired with and continue communicating. You have a major crush on Nicole Tyler immediately, and as the game progresses, your bond with Nicole grows closer.

Along the way, you’ll run into many supporting characters, and getting to know them is just as crucial as getting to know Nicole. While Seen may appear to be just another game with a typical love tale at its core, it goes far deeper. We don’t want to give away any of the game’s surprises, so we urge you to play it for yourself.

2: European War 7: Medieval – Best Strategy Games

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superpower 3

With the help of the game European War 7, you may transform your smartphone or tablet into an invincible warrior. With the app’s help, you can plunge yourself into the medieval era, where honor and bravery are not just words.

You must triumph in a valiant conflict, defeat your adversaries, and reconstruct the destroyed city. The strength and power of the new empire won’t be comparable. You can escape routine by playing a war game and entering an unfamiliar, undiscovered universe. The Roman Empire is going through a difficult moment. The barbarians are actively using and stepping up their attacks to overthrow the state.

It would be best if you fended off crafty and brutal adversaries. The destiny of this long-running conflict is entirely in your hands. Participate in significant conflicts and make your imprint on Middle Ages history.

3: Cibele

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games like victoria 3 reddit

The next item on our list is a role-playing game that we think PC players will really enjoy trying out. Cibele tells the story of a 19-year-old woman (whom you control) as she searches for her true love. The game follows an experience similar to many MMO games and has highly eye-catching graphics. Every decision you make throughout the game has a big impact on Nina’s history and future. Nina is the character you play as.

The only negative we could identify was that you can only play the game on a Windows or Mac computer, even though it is highly entertaining for teens. Although we don’t know if or when the firm will release Android and iOS versions of the game, we wholeheartedly recommend it if you don’t mind playing it on a larger device!

4: Grand War: Best Rome Strategy Games

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Have you always wished to witness the majestic Roman Army in action? Or do you want to flaunt your impressive military prowess? With the Grand War: Roman Strategies smartphone app, welcome to a new world. Join forces with the legendary Caesar in battle, celebrate wins with Hannibal, and explore the globe in pursuit of priceless treasures.

Create your own historical narrative by putting all of your knowledge and skills to use for the Roman people. To get better results, expand your knowledge of military prowess. A single warlord is good, but several are better still. To have the most impact, combine the skills of your heroes.

Expand your holdings, protect your country’s borders, and foster the traditions and culture of your people. You alone will choose the course you will follow today.

5: Love Kpop Idol

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crusader kings iii

Kpop enthusiasts will be particularly interested in the next game on our list. The narrative of Love Kpop Idol centers on a young CEO on a mission to create the greatest Kpop Idol agency ever. You begin as the proprietor of a small Kpop company on the verge of quitting business. Finding potential Kpop stars from the streets, training them, and ultimately watching your business flourish are your key objectives.

We loved this game since it isn’t primarily dependent on decisions or luck, but rather calls on a lot of skill and deduction to succeed. Your idols can be trained in various skills, like acting, dancing, singing, and even IQ. You will gain more and more notoriety as your agency grows, opening up even more business opportunities for you. This is a terrific way to pass the time if you enjoy simulation-based video games.

6: World Conqueror 3 – Grand Strategy Games

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One of the most significant wars in human history may be seen just starting. You can also personally participate in it and change the course of events. You can join the Allied Forces in World Conqueror 3 and take the victory yourself.

You can establish your expertise as a warlord thanks to the innovative UI, real historical events, and superb functionality. Three varying degrees of difficulty are available. You have about 150 crucial fighting missions to do. Choose one of five modes, then launch into combat without missing a minute. Without you, the Army cannot succeed.

Gain experience by completing tasks effectively, developing your own skills, and going in the direction of your choice. Start a war anywhere and aid your fellow soldiers and citizens. Pick the military branch where you want to demonstrate your strength. You have access to the Air Force, Navy, and Missile Forces. You will have access to nuclear weapons if you so choose.

7: Samurai Love Ballad

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Samurai Love Ballad brings to a close our collection of some of the top games similar to Mystic Messenger. This game can initially appear similar to other simulation games focused on love. But the game’s entire premise is based on some intriguing ground. You are the king or queen of your kingdom, and instead of going through the typical high school experience, you must ascend via fame and power to find your true love. Castles can be constructed, and you can even customize their design.

Additionally, you can dress up your protagonist in the most elegant outfits. Samurai Love Ballad is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a game beyond a simple love story. To reach the top, you must overcome several obstacles, making this game so unique and thrilling.

8: European War 4 – Best Strategy Games

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Welcome to European War 4: Napoleon if you love the Napoleonic era and want to experience the wars of the 18th century. With the help of the EasyTech mobile app, you can go back 200 years and participate in a major war firsthand. Select a combative character, plan your strategy for the fight, and demonstrate your prowess.

You can participate in the conflict as a well-known general, significant commander, or historical person. Nelson, Kutuzov, and Napoleon are available to help. Your ranking will rise the more victories you can claim. Become more skilled and upgrade your army’s equipment. 84 military campaigns in 6 different zones will be available to join.

Are you more interested in seeing Europe in 1809 or America in 1775? From a list of 42 alternatives, pick any nation. All of your dreams will be realized with European War 4: Napoleon.

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