Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 – Top 10

One of the most famous web browsers is Chrome, made by Google. This software is used every day by millions of people all over the world. Chrome addons can be added to this browser to make it work better.

There are now tens of thousands of Chrome apps, so it can take time to choose the ones that are best for your browser.

Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions

1) Google Calendar

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

Best for people who want to get things in order.

Google Calendar is still one of the best tools for making calendars. Users can easily keep track of events, plan new ones, and share them with coworkers, friends, or family. You can also send invites, set reminders, and keep track of RSVPs.


  • View the schedule
  • See the year
  • Set up rooms for future meetings
  • Schedule a meeting
  • The world clock

Verdict: Google planning is still one of the best planning tools you can use online. It’s simple to use, but it has a lot of functions that almost anyone can use.

Price: Free

Chrome Extension: Google Calendar Extension

2) TMetric

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

Best for people and teams who want to get better at managing their time and getting things done.

TMetric is a way for both people and teams to track their time. Using it helps us make a plan that leads us to better productivity, whether our goals are for personal or professional productivity.


  • Keeping track of time spent at work
  • Taking Care of Time Off
  • Options for billing and sending bills
  • Getting things done
  • Connections to well-known services

Verdict: TMetric is the best tool for helping people with trouble with time management and productivity because it improves deep work experience and helps people find a good balance between work and life.

Price: A team of up to 5 people can use the free plan to track time, and premium plans start at $5 per user per month for small and big businesses.

Chrome Extension: TMetric Extension

3) Hubspot Sales

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

Best for significant businesses that need an easy way to keep track of their customers.

Large businesses that want to store and handle customer information can use HubSpot Sales Hub’s powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It gives you tools for sales interaction and analytics to help your business grow.

The app helps businesses learn more about their customers and gives them tools to manage customers easier.


  • Salesforce tools that are automated.
  • Tools for automating marketing.
  • Tools for customer service.
  • Help for mobile users.
  • There are parts of social cooperation.

Verdict: HubSpot Sales has a lot of tools for managing customer relationships and sales. This is one of the best Chrome extensions if you run a growing business and need to keep track of activities.

Trial: Yes | 14-day


  • Free: $0
  • Starter: $45/month
  • Professional: $450/month
  • Enterprise: $1200/month
  • Hubspot Sales pricing

Chrome Extension: HubSpot Sales Extension

4) Grammarly

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

This is the best tool for writers who need to optimize their writing and check for plagiarism quickly.

Grammarly is one of the most-used add-ons for Chrome. It is a tool that checks your spelling and grammar and has a clean and easy-to-use layout. Users can easily change how word checking works for them, and it only takes one click to check for plagiarism.

Its paid version has options for changing the tone, word choice, and amount of formality. Grammarly is the best tool for writers who want to clean up and improve their writing.


  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Check for fluency
  • Getting rid of plagiarism

Verdict: The design of Grammarly is clean and straightforward, which makes it easy and fun to use. Writers from all walks can use this app to improve their writing.


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $12/month
  • Business: $12.50/month
  • Grammarly pricing

Chrome Extension: Grammarly Extension

5) Loom

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

Best for small to medium-sized businesses that need to make it easy for employees to talk to each other over video.

Loom is one of the most essential add-ons for Chrome. It is a tool for the office that lets people send video messages. Users may create a movie with a few clicks out of a recording of their screen, face, or voice. This helps people save time because they can make and share their information immediately.


  • Taking a video
  • Capture the screen
  • Editor of images
  • Capture of scrolling
  • Sharing of files
  • Search Platform

Verdict: Loom is a valuable tool for business owners and employees who need to share information quickly through video or voice.

Trial: Yes | 14-days for Loom Business


  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $8/month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for details
  • Loom pricing

Chrome Extension: Loom Extension

6) LastPass

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

Best for anyone who needs a solid password manager that can do many different things.

LastPass is a password manager with everything you need to keep your passwords safe. With the help of tracking tools on the dark web, users can safely share their passwords with other people and keep themselves safe.


  • Authentication with two things
  • It fills out forms by itself
  • Fingerprint access
  • Create a password
  • Pin to open the mobile app

Verdict: LastPass is a great password manager that can compete with the best password managers on the market. It has so many features that even the most careful users will be happy with.


  • Free: 30-day access to Premium
  • Premium: 30-day
  • Families: 30-day
  • Teams: 14-day
  • Business: 14-day


  • Free: $0
  • Premium: $3/month
  • Families: $4/month
  • Teams: $4/month
  • Business: $6/month
  • LastPass price

Chrome Extension: LastPass Extension

7) Everhour

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

It is best for small teams and professionals who want to track their time on projects.

Everhour is an online time-tracking extension for small business teams and freelancers who want to track how much time they spend on different projects and make invoices based on that information. The extension’s interface is clean and easy but has many valuable features.


  • Tools for running projects
  • Planning tools for resources
  • Dashboards and reports
  • tracking costs
  • Sending out bills

Verdict: Everhour is an excellent choice for small business teams or freelancers who want to keep track of their work and turn it into paid hours. This is one of the best Google Chrome apps because it’s easy for new users to learn how to use it. With Everhour, it’s easy to make bills that can be paid.


  • Premium: $8.50/month for each user.
  • Trial: Yes | 14-days

Chrome Extension: Everhour Extension

8) Awesome Screenshot

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

The Chrome extension Awesome Screenshot was developed for designers and anyone else who needs to record and take high-quality screenshots of their screens. Users can annotate their screenshots with comments in a flash.

The addon provides numerous options for disseminating photographic creations. You can do this in a number of ways, including by dragging and dropping the image from your computer or by uploading it directly to the extension.


  • Capture the screen
  • Taking a video
  • Changing an image
  • Capture of scrolling
  • Recording the screen
  • Sharing of files

Verdict: A cool Screenshot is an excellent tool for designers and regular people who want to take a picture of their screen quickly and easily. The notes and text tools make it very easy to give feedback. Any creator needs to have this tool.

Price: Free

  • Basic: $4/month for each user
  • Professional: $5/month for each user
  • Team: $25/month for five users
  • Awesome Screenshot pricing

Chrome Extension: Awesome Screenshot Extension

9) Checker Plus for Gmail

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

Ideal for merchants and small enterprises who need to maintain track of email contacts.

Checker Plus for Gmail allows companies and individuals to monitor their inboxes without actually opening the Gmail client.

Users can check their inbox volume by clicking the button in the top right corner of their Chrome browser. You can also customize how notifications reach you. Pop-ups, chimes, and audio readings of messages can all be enabled as user preferences.


  • Keep an eye on Gmail.
  • Messages that fit your needs.
  • Support for push notifications.
  • Offline view.

Verdict: Checker Plus for Gmail is an excellent addon for people who have to keep track of many texts during the day. Its customizable notification feature makes it easy for users to choose a choice that works for them.

Price: Free

Chrome Extension: Checker Plus for Gmail Extension

10) StayFocusd

Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2023 - Top 10

Best for users who need a tool to block websites with customizable features.

StayFocusd is a simple tool that can be used to block websites. It has many benefits, like blocking websites for some time. Users can also choose which images and movies on a page to block, which helps them focus on other tasks.


  • Blocking websites for specific amounts of time.
  • Time spent on a page is kept track of.
  • A simple way to stop and play.
  • Stop getting alerts.
  • Seeing how and when an app was used.

Verdict: StayFocusd is a website stopper that does what it needs to do. It helps people be more productive while on the web, and the app tracking tool lets them know where they spend their time.

Price: Free

Chrome Extension: StayFocusd Extension


As you can see, many great Chrome apps are out there. Many of the tools and apps we’ve discussed so far can help you be more productive at home and work.

RescueTime is a good choice for people who want to get the most out of their time. Loom is excellent for anyone who wants to record their screen and sound robust.

Google Calendar stands out because its design is easy to use and helps keep things in order. If you want to improve your Chrome browser, review the list above.

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