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Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac – Uses Advanced OCR Technology

What is Cisdem PDF Converter OCR?

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is designed for Mac users who need an all-in-one PDF solution. It performs as great PDF converter, PDF password remover, PDF creator or compressor. This software is outfitted with advanced OCR capacity to help Mac users convert their scanned images or PDFs into editable documents. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR convert your normal or scanned PDFs in more than 200 languages and in various famous formats, for example, HTML, Excel, Text, Image, Word, Pages, and some more. Moreover, the software even encrypts or decrypts PDF documents, guaranteeing its users high system security.

Why we should use Cisdem PDF Converter OCR?

We should use Cisdem PDF Converter OCR because it act as a multi converter tool, it help you in conversion of any PDFs, scanned files, or images to editable text or image documents within few seconds. During its conversion process it will maintain its original layout or quality. It’s a highly secure software because you set a password to shield your data when create a PDF file.  This software is especially good at converting scanned PDF to excel files on Mac.

Advantages of Cisdem PDF Converter OCR 

The main advantages of Cisdem PDF Converter OCR are: 

  • Easy-to-utilize OCR Functionality 

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR uses advanced OCR technology, which isn’t generally accessible in other PDF converter software. Not just that, this innovation can be utilized effectively without experiencing numerous activation steps. Clients just need to open the OCR and afterward it is all set. 

  • Support many languages 

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR can work with in excess of 200 languages such as Russian, Italian, English and so more. It can also convert documents that comprise two or more than two languages.

  • Wipes out Data Loss and Restrictions 

This PDF converter OCR permits clients to convert their PDF files with passwords or limitations without taking stress about their data loss. The framework disposes of the limitation and converts the picked files in a breeze. 

  • Clump Conversion Capability 

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR additionally accompanies clump conversion capability that makes managing various PDF files simpler. This capability permits clients to convert their PDF files into other formats in bunches. This quickens the conversion process, so, users can save their time.

Price overview:

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR gives its users a free trial also. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac is available in following three License plans.

  • The price of its Lifetime License is $59.99.
  • The price of its Lifetime License for 2 Macs is $89.99.
  • The price of its Lifetime License for 3 Macs is $164.99.

Customer support

If you need any type of help with Cisdem PDF Converter OCR, you can contact its support team at any time. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR customer service staff will give you a solution by email within one business day.

Last thoughts-A Comprehensive Conversion Solution for Many Tasks

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR 2021 Mac gives you all your conversion solutions in one place; make your work be more effective! Regardless of the native PDFs or scanned PDFs, Cisdem PDF converters OCR can convert them into different formats according to your needs. 

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for mac enables its users to set strong passwords on their document, so, others cannot edit, copy, paste and print them. Overall, Cisdem PDF converter OCR is good because it gets your data and converts it rapidly without wasting your precious time. So, go now and enjoy its great user experience with its advanced OCR Technology!

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