Technology That Can Help When Learning Math

Technology is amazing at making complicated tasks easier, so it stands to reason that it could help people find a love of math. This is where smartphones come in. Smartphones are accessible and most people have one in their pocket, which makes learning easy. Math is probably one of the trickiest subjects to learn for most people. It takes hard work and a lot of practice to understand the different specialties, from geometry to algebra. However, with access to smartphones and the internet, it no longer needs to be a subject that people struggle with. From online tutors to apps, technology can be used to reduce any worries new learners or those looking to strengthen their skills may have.

Online Tutors

While some people like to take the solo route when learning something new, working with an online tutor can be beneficial. Learning math online with an expert means all the information you need is in the one place, available for you to review and ask questions at your pace. Whether you’re discovering a love of math for the first time, or are wanting to broaden your current understanding, online learning means you can do it flexibly and without judgment.

Riddle & Puzzle apps

With thousands of apps available, it makes sense that some are dedicated to helping you learn math. The only trouble with apps is it can be difficult to concentrate on your learning, so it might be helpful to be aware of productivity tips and apps to help track your concentration. Some of the best apps for learning math include:

  • Sumaze!

Developed by MEI, a UK charity wanting to improve math through teaching and learning, Sumaze! is an app that uses a problem-solving approach. The user makes their way through a maze, solving specific problems to pass through the gate onto the next one. Although this is ideal for younger learners, it could be a fun way to help adults find a love of math.

  • Math – Riddles and Puzzles

This is an app that contains a variety of logic puzzles, with users challenging themselves at different levels. While the app is designed to test your mathematics skills, if you have a basic understanding of math then you should be able to solve the problems. If you’d rather explore other apps, then we have an excellent article on the best brain training apps.  While they may not be completely math-focused, they can help build on your problem-solving skills.  


Apps may be great, but calculators are amazing at solving sums quickly. While we are taught in school to solve problems on our own, there is nothing wrong with accepting help. Calculators have come a long way from solving simple sums, and online calculators prove an excellent addition to online learning. From calculators to help with physics, chemistry, or even your taxes, solving problems no longer need to be a struggle.


Thankfully with the improvements in technology, math has become a whole lot less scary and intimidating. With the range of tools available, from online tutors providing virtual classrooms and video meetings, to apps and tools, learning math has become a lot less daunting.

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